Space Mail

Almost ready Galactic Express: Delivering to the Galaxies and Beyond

We are more than your ordinary delivery service; we are your personal Spaceship Couriers
Whether you're sending an iPhone to your Martian pal , or dispatching a fleet of star-fighters to your courageous rebel friends , our dedicated crew of intergalactic posties has got you covered.


For us, it's not just about delivery — it's about exploration and connection to the far ends of the

galaxy. Expect light speed delivery service, In our Star Gazer rocket because even in space, speed matters!

Taking Space Mail to stellar new heights! is our loyal Captain Miles Abuf. with his flawless delivery career he will make it so.



space service 

Product Price
Neutron Stars Service £3.14
Blazar Jets Service £59.26
Cosmic Rays Service £535.89
Gravitational Waves Service £932.38
Light Speed Service £4626.41