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At The Lost Post Office

At The Lost Post Office, our primary focus is on providing our customers with the fastest and most efficient postal services possible. We take great pride in offering reliable, secure, and convenient courier services that allow you to trust us to deliver your parcels safely and quickly, no matter where in the world you need them to go. As a family-owned business, we are committed to providing the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction, and we offer a range of services to suit your needs - whether you need to post a single loving memory or require multiple universe-in-a-box deliveries. Trust The Lost Post Office for all of your shipping needs - we promise to go above and beyond to ensure that you're completely satisfied with our services!

Exceptional Postal Services

You might ask, how do we ensure the safe delivery of your parcels?

The answer lies in our top-notch postal facilities, and a fleet of proficient, fast, and secure couriers. 

The Lost Post Office is always ready to go the extra mile for you – literally!

Why Choose Us?

Secure and Reliable

Our services ensure that your parcel is secure with us. We understand urgency, and regardless of the location, our promise is delivery at the expected place and time. That’s how we earned our reputation.


Speedy Deliveries

Is it a normal delivery, or you are in a hurry? Whatever your request we have custom solutions to serve you.

Our express courier service ticks the time-box quite comfortably.

We strive to deliver before the deadline, not on the deadline.


Customer Service Excellence

Our ultimate pride is anchored in the satisfactory smiles of our customers. Every time you choose The Lost Post Office, you can be assured to experience an enthusiastic and swift response to your demands. We value your satisfaction above everything else.


Trust The Lost Post Office

Every shipment matters to us. So, why not test our claims and drop off your next delivery at our office? We guarantee you will enjoy the experience.
Meta-description: Experience premium postal services with The Lost Post Office. Enjoy fast, secure, and efficient courier services tailored to your individual needs.
This perfectly encapsulates our commitment to customer service, our expertise, and ultimately, the trust you can place in us. Trust The Lost Post Office with all your postal needs today!


Rules of the Lost post office

Rule Number 1: Every letter is important
Rule number 2:  Every parcel needs to be delivered

Rule number 3 - Never ever, ever, never, ever open a letter unless it's addressed to YOU!!!!

And Rule number 4 ...


Updates and blogs

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             Employee of the month 

It is our pleased duty to celebrate with you our fantastic team members every month, as we recognize the efforts and dedication you've put into your tasks. We call this our "Employee of the Month" recognition! A privileged honor, this award signifies a poignant celebration for the hard work our staff have performed over the months.
It's our way of showing just how much we value the exceptional contributions you make every day, propelling our company to greater heights. We look forward to celebrating with you soon!

the founder : Post Master General