Ground Mail

Underground Mail  Digging its way straight to your doorstep!

Never miss a letter again with us. Mailman Moleman Dan and his tunnel-boring machine M0l3 will break ground to deliver your parcels, travelling directly through the earth's core. Faster than you can say 'boulder dash'!  Quick, reliable, and fun - We dig down, down, down, straight to you.

Don't live on a street? Don't you worry! We don't need roads. Just a good shovel and the thrill of the underground adventure. We look forward to getting your mail to you in an ore-some and earth-shattering way!

The underground services 

Product Price
Pebble Service £7.50
Boulder Service £13.20
Crust Service £13.50
Mantle Service £22.55
Earthworm Jimmy £586.85